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Merrily We Roll Along

Silk Street Theatre, Barbican

Sound Designer


Production Engineer: Maxim Gamble

Sound Operator: Eleanor Coxall

Radio Mic Team: Alex Hobbs, Ben Hagle, Dan Barnicott

Director: Martin Connor

Musical Director: Steven Edis

Choreographer: Ewan Jones

Designer: Adam Wiltshire

Lighting Designer: James Smith

Associate Musical Director: Chris Ma



Guildhall is proud to present Merrily We Roll Along, the School’s first production of the musical since giving its 1983 European premiere.

Set in New York, the story follows the lives of a successful but disillusioned composer and his two estranged friends in reverse chronology, with the clock ticking backwards from 1976 to 1957. A brilliantly melodic score coupled with Sondheim’s sharp and piquant observations of human frailty makes for a witty and poignant story about the importance of staying true to one’s hopes and aspirations.



Photos by: Clive Barda




Musical Theatre Review


Classical Source


"In other words this is a musical with something to say worth saying, a score worth singing and as always with Sondheim words worth listening to. You can hear them too, which is not always the case in the commercial world of musicals."



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