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Southwark Playhouse

Sound Designer


Written By: Lily Shahmoon

Director and Set Designer: Ed White

LightingDesigner: Alex Lewer Stage Manager: Lucy Ventham

Performed By: Helen Aluko, April Hughes

Producer: Rupert Henderson Productions



Tommy is scared of everything.

Especially the kids at school who would call him gay if they saw him putting on lipstick.

Jordan isn't scared of anything.

He's not scared that he likes the way Tommy looks in lipstick.

Really, he's not.

Two women play two teenage boys in this exploration of gender about young hearts and the rules that surround us all.





"Charlie Smith’s tonal, emotionally sensitive sound successfully helps navigate the characters’ moods, from the depths of despair to moments of acceptance and joy..."


The Stage

"What this simple staging does is allow for Charlie Smith’s sound design to shine"


Everything Theatre

"We only ever meet Jordan and Tommy onstage, but excellent use of sound, from Charlie Smith, creates a whole world around them..."


British Theatre

"Ed White’s direction is fast-paced while Alex Lewer digitally clever lighting and Charlie Smith sound effects give the play a stunning cinematic effect"


The Artiscape

"The staging is beautifully simple, with a strong lighting and sound design"

My Theatre Mates


"it’s definitely slick, professional and engaging thanks to White, sound designer Charlie Smith and lighting designer Alex Lewer."


"Tommy is communicated viscerally to the audience via impeccable use of lighting and sound, designed by Charlie Smith."

Mickey Joy Theatre




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