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Fiddler on the Roof

Silk Street Theatre, Barbican

Sound Designer


Production Sound Engineer: Monty Evans

Sound Operator: Eleanor Coxall

Radio Mic Team: Jordan Lindsay, Emily Zayed, Danielle Utley and Colin Greatbatch

Director: Martin Connor

Musical Director: Steven Edis

Choreographer: Joanna Goodwin:

Designer: Adam Wiltshire

Lighting Designer: Tim Lutkin

Equipment Supplied by: Loh Humm Audio



Tevye, a poor milkman and father of five daughters, struggles to maintain the traditions of his Jewish culture and religion in early twentieth century Imperial Russia. He and his family settle in a small village where the oppressive Tsar now orders the eviction of all Jews. His strong-minded daughters don’t help to make his life any easier when they decide to marry for love.

This life-affirming tale, Tevye’s faith, love and pride help him endure in a life that is as precarious as a fiddler sitting on a roof.



Photos by: Clive Barda




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