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Running on Empty

This Place and UK Tour

Sound Designer

I was asked to design and program a series of sound effects and soundscapes to accompany the wonderful music of this contemporary dance piece when it came to The Place in Euston and then continued on a UK tour.



Director: Jo McInnes

Writer: Brad Birch

Choreographer: Charlie Morrissey

Composer: Lee Ross,

Designer: Fabrice Serafino

Lighting Designer: Beky Stoddart

Performed By: Scott Smith and Greig Cooke.



Running On Empty is the story of a man, a woman and their encounters over time – travelling through dreams, fears and jagged memories.

Absurd, humorous and sometimes devastating, Running On Empty journeys from a woman’s loss through her struggle for a future and the emptiness she must overcome to survive. How long will she keep running?

Running wild

Running out of time

Running on Empty

Dance, text and song combine in this intrepid new work from Probe. Artistic Director Antonia Grove (twice Critics Circle and Time Out National Dance Awards nominee) brings together an extraordinary team of creative collaborators including: director Jo McInnes (Royal Court), writer Brad Birch (Soho Theatre, Royal Court), choreographer Charlie Morrissey (Siobhan Davies), songwriter Lee Ross, designer Fabrice Serafino, lighting designer Beky Stoddart, devised with performers Greig Cooke, Antonia Grove and composer Scott Smith.





“The excellent Antonia Grove… is a voice in the dance theatre world that is worth listening to.”

Lyndsey Winship, Time Out London

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