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Blood Wedding

Silk Street Theatre, Barbican.

Sound Designer

I designed the sound for this production of ‘Blood Wedding’ featuring newly arranged Spanish music played on a selection of instruments.

The musicians played a vital role in the overall sound of the production. They were integrated into the action producing an all-encompassing actor/musician performance. Musicians moved around the space leaving instruments onstage providing an interesting concept for reinforcement and microphone choice. In addition there was one recorded cello note at the start of the show, the cast onstage creating all other effects and music.

I used radio microphones attached to instruments and performers. This allowed the musicians to move freely around the stage and leave their instruments when necessary. Moreover, as the director requested not to have cables in view it offered a subtle aesthetic for the audience.

My aim for this production was to reinforce and manipulate this Spanish music providing the audience with varying dynamics through different moments of the play ranging from gentle underscore to intense stamping and fight music. I was pleased my design successfully enhanced the audience’s experience by creating the appropriate sound to produce the setting, emotion and style of the production.

I planned to enhance the sound of movements such as stamping and clapping by adding reverberation effects in order to create space and depth as I believed it was an important element of the sound the audience should hear and feel, thus adding to the atmosphere of the scene. There was a close proximity between cast and audience therefore it was my intention to make the audience feel included in the action. I used surround sound at times to bring the audience into the acting space.



Director: Christian Burgess 

Designer: Agnes Treplin 

Lighting Designer: Neill Brinkworth

Sound Designer: Charlie Smith

Video Designer: Dan Shorten

Director of Movement: Sue Lefton

Music by Maria Camahort and Julian Philips



Blood Wedding is a tragedy about a young woman and two men fighting for her love. The Bride is in love with Leonardo, but their families do not get along, so Leonardo marries another woman. The Bride is also arranged to be married to another man, whom she doesn't love, but will marry to appease her family's wishes.



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